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    There are four Funding Principles that we use to balance your reserve funding plan.


    1. Sufficient Cash – Our first objective is to design a funding plan that provides you with sufficient cash reserves to perform your reserve fund projects when required.
    2. Stable Contribution Rate – A stable contribution rate is desirable as it is the hallmark of a proactive plan.
    3. Evenly Distributed – Reserve fund contributions that are evenly distributed across all the owners over the years enable each owner to pay their “fair share” of the strata corporation’s reserve expenditures (minimizing Special Levies is the goal).
    4. Fiscally Responsible – The financial plan must be both fiscally responsible and “safe” for Council members to recommend to their strata corporation membership.


    When the Financial Plan meets these 4 principles, both Strata Corporation and the Owners can operate with the knowledge that they have a plan for the future and that everyone is being treated equally, with the Market Value of their Strata Lot supported.


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Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, leads to Realistic Funding Solutions.
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