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    An Insurance Appraisal has 4 components.

    • The Replacement Cost New (RCN) value of the building including materials, labour, professional fees, overhead, contractor’s profit, taxes and insurance, in order to replace the Building(s) if damaged or destroyed;
    • The Site Improvements value to replace the landscaping, benches, driveways, playgrounds, etc, in order to replace them if they or the Building(s) if damaged or destroyed;
    • The Bylaw Endorsements value as many older Buildings are not up to current codes for sprinklers, parking and handicapped access. These additional items can be very expensive, and would have to be put into a new Building if the former Building is damaged or destroyed; and
    • An allowance for Demolition and Debris removal costs to clear the old site of the debris for a new Building.

    Together, these form the “Insured Value”.

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