Sample Reports

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Strata Reserve Planning believes that Sample Reports are an excellent way to compare one provider against another to make sure that your needs are being met.

Most Strata Corporations currently require a Comprehensive Depreciation Report, or “1st time” Depreciation Report.

This type of report includes a measurement from the plans, as well as a review of historical and financial documents before we come to the site.   We then complete a physical inspection of the property. From the inspection, we will confirm past information, measure and quantify the common area components not available earlier, so we can come up with a complete inventory of what the Strata Corporation is responsible to maintain. We will take this information and estimate the replacement cost of each funded item and recommend a funding plan to meet your needs.

We have a copy of a sample Depreciation Report that is available for review on a password protected page. Please contact us to obtain the password.

Some Strata Corporations currently updates, but were unhappy with their Depreciation Report provider.

On the password protected page is also information so you can understand our policy regarding Discounts that may be available from the use of another firms reports. If this is of interest, please contact us us to obtain the password.

Note: Passwords are changed bi-monthly for the sample report area. Please contact us if you previously had access and now are having an issue.

Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, leads to Realistic Funding Solutions.
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