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ReservePlan is the Future for Property Managers and Strata Councils wanting a fast, consistent and problem free Depreciation Report.

After completing many Depreciation Reports and completing valuation theory for UBC and explaining it for CHMC, Strata Reserve Planning has developed a web based software for completing Depreciation Reports.

This software allows Strata Reserve Planning staff to make notes to the report on site, and to complete Depreciation Report for review within 3 days. In Draft Copy review meetings, the report can be changed on the spot.

Strata Council members will not receive the complaints from owners that there is no information about the report.

Property Managers, once the data is collected for us, will not receive the dreaded calls from the Strata Council asking where the report is.

The financial analysis is based on the theory of Reserve Adequacy, which is the universal method of bench-marking reports.

Call us today at 604-608-6161 for a fast and problem free Depreciation Report.


Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, leads to Realistic Funding Solutions.
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