Strata Wind-Up Services

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There are over 30,000 Strata Corporations in BC, and less than 100 have terminated. However, with the recent changes in the lowering of the approval from 100% to 80%, interest has grown.

The change in land values with the increasing costs of maintaining older buildings lead some to believe that their Strata Corporation may be better off just winding down and cashing out.

The termination of a Strata Corporation is economically viable when the value of the land is in excess of the aggregate (total) market value of all the strata lots, if sold individually. The other time it becomes viable is when the ongoing Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF), by annual contributions or special assessments, to maintain the building are too high.

Bramwell & Associates Realty Advisors Inc.

Bramwell & Associates Realty Advisors Inc.

Having an understanding of the land value is essential, as the Strata Council and the Owners need to feel confident that they are not been short changed is critical. This is best done by an appraisal firm such as Bramwell & Associates, who can provide estimates of current value of individual units against what owner would expect to receive in a sale

Strata Reserve Planning can provide a Depreciation Report to indicate the cash flow expectations for ongoing maintenance, for a complete understanding of the future expenses, in order to make an informed choice.


It should be clear that 80% approval does not guarantee approval. Anything less than 100% must be approved by a Judge, who may listen to a dissenter and not allow it. One method to increase the probability of success is to complete a Depreciation Report, to show that the Special Assessments are too high.

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Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, leads to Realistic Funding Solutions.
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